Chabot Electric is a factory-trained and authorized Generac dealer and contractor. Our expert Generac-trained technicians provide installation and service throughout the lifetime of your backup or standby generator.

The greatest benefit of investing in a generator at your home or business is to ensure the investments you already have are protected.


  • Your business staying open and continuing to bring in money during inclement weather, or, closing and losing revenue due to power outages.
  • Refridgerated and frozen inventory at your business spoiling and thawing, or, being able to keep the fridge buzzing and the food cold.
  • The food in your home refridgerator spoiling, or, being able to feed your family fresh food during a power outage.
  • Being in the dark at home for a number of days, or, being able to use electronics and appliances, as well as run hot water during an extended outage.

Having a generator is a method of prevention for larger electrical damage. It’s a simple equation, losing power = losing money. Let us help you determine what type of generator is right for you.

Visit to take their free risk assessment, learn about types of generators for home and business, get answers to FAQs, access service manuals, and more.


Chabot Electric is your local eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island Generac dealer, for your Generac generator installation and repair needs.